Wet kits supply and fitting from all major brands

Wet Kits Supply And Fitting

Wet Kits Supply - In General

Wet kits supply is available from The Cylinder Service Centre covering most of our vehicle dealerships and service agreements including the Harsh and Edbro ones outlined below.

Harsh Tractor Wet Kits

wet kits supply for Harsh TractorsCylinder Service Centre supplies a range of Harsh Tractor kits to suit all chassis and applications.

For more specialised requirements, custom-made kits are also available.

We can supply and fit:

  • Steel or Alloy Cab
  • Back or Side tanks
  • Gear or Piston Pumps
  • PTO if required
  • A choice of couplings
  • Valving
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Cab controls
  • Diverter and relief valves

Please get in touch to discuss any specialist requirements you have as custom solutions are also available.

The range of we cover applications include:

  • Tipper Kits for semi trailer operation
  • Ejector cylinder kits for tractor and trailer mounting
  • Walking floor kits
  • Car transporter kits
  • Low loader kits
  • Crane kits
  • Special combinations kits

Harsh: Steel Cab Back

Mounted neatly behind the cab, the Harsh 200-litre capacity steel cab back tank is convenient and compact at 1120mm x 330mm x 590mm.

With a top mounted valve, the outlet, located on the lower central half of the tank, is 1 ½” BSP. The tank return is direct through the valve and into the tank. For dual applications such as a tipper / crane, there is a spare ¾” BSP return on the side of the tank.

Harsh: Steel Side Mount

The Harsh 200-litre oil capacity steel, side mounted, tank is just 715mm x 500mm x 635mm.

The valve has 2 installation options: either installed on the valve block attached to the left hand side of the tank, or alternatively remotely mounted on a valve bracket.

The valve block is threaded ¾” BSP which allows a plug if required. The outlet is 1 ½” BSP with outlet options either side of the tank. The return is 1” BSP and again there are outlet options either side of the tank.

Harsh: Alloy Cab Back

The Harsh Alloy cab back with a 200-litre oil capacity, is available at just 1160mm x 250mm x 695mm.

The outlet is 1 ½” BSP, and the valve has to be remote mounted. However, there is a choice of 1” BSP return ports.

Edbro Hydraulic Wet Kits

wet kits supply - EdbroCylinder Service Supply and fit wet kits from Edbro. The following options are available:

  • A side mounted steel tank
  • A rear mounted steel tank
  • An aluminium side mounted tank
  • An aluminium rear mounted tank

The Cylinder Service Centre supplies, installs, fits and maintains wet kits for a wide range of Skip Loader and Hook Loader requirements. For more specific details on outr wet kits supply please contact us.