Cylinder Service Centre undertakes a wide range of vehicle repair and maintenance services, including:

Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

Hydraulic fault finding

If your hydraulic system is sticking or working inefficiently, The Cylinder Service Centre will work through our systemtatic fault finding process to establish the cause of the failure and define the most cost effective solution to repair the vehicle and ensure long term reliability.  

Hydraulic cylinders removed, repaired & re-fitted

Once a root cause of hydraulic cylinder failure has been established and a proposed repair plan agreed, we will remove the suspect cylinder and perform a full inspection to confirm the diagnosis, or otherwise. This is where our specialised hydraulic stripping rig comes in very handy, allowing repairs to hydraulic cylinders that would otherwise be regarded as scrap.

If the diagnosis is correct, then we will repair the hydrualic cylinder as agreed. If, on the other hand, an unforseen issue is identified, then the customer is informed and a plan of action agreed in line with the repair need and any budgetary constraints the customer may have.

Wet Kits and Sheeting Systems

Wet kits supplied & fitted

The Cylinder Service Centre offers a range of complete wet kit packages from stock, or ordered to specification. Wet Kits can be despatched, or fitted as part of a vehicle repair.

Wet Kits are supplied covering a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Tippers
  • Lorry Loader Cranes
  • Car Transporters
  • Recovery Vehicles

Wet Kits supplied and fitted come complete with a choice of hydraulic oil tanks in Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium.

Sheeting systems installed & repaired

The Cylinder Service Centre installs and repairs sheeting systems covering a wide range of applications such as:

  • Hydraulic Hookloader : fully Automatic
  • Hydraulic Waste Trailer : Fully Automatic
  • Pneumatic Hookloader: Semi-Automatic
  • Pneumatic Skiploader: Semi-Automatic
  • Hydraulic Skiploader: Fully Automatic
  • Trailer Front to Rear: Fully Automatic    
  • Tipper / Dropsider: Semi-Automatic
  • Tipper / Trailer Side-to-Side: Fully Automatic
  • Tipper / Grab Front to Rear: Fully Automatic

Custom solutions are also available and we are happy to work with any specialist needs our customers have in terms of design, manufacture and installation.

PTO, Pumps & Tipping Rams

P.T.O. & pumps supplied, repaired & fitted

New Power Take Off units (PTOs) can be supplied and/or fitted to order. Alternatively existing Power Take Off units can be repaired and refitted.

The Cylinder Service Centre supplies and repairs a wide range of PTOs and has extensive experience from many manufacturing sources.

Tipping rams supplied & fitted

As with other hydraulic units, The Cylinder Service Centre can repair and re-fit Tipping Rams. However, we are also supply and fit new units.

As both a repair shop and supplier the Cylinder Service Centre is therefore an ideal one-stop-shop for all of your Tipping Ram requirements.

Major Repair and Modification Work

The Cylinder Service Centre also undertakes major modification or repair work that can only be carried out in a dedicated service area.

This larger work can be jobs such as replacement of bodies which require heavy lifting equipment and dedicated maintenance facilities - see below.

As part of the supplier network for a number of major manufacturers and distributors we can undertake major refits both speedily and cost effectively.

On-Site Maintenance Facilities

Secure Hard Surface Parking

For all of our on-site vehicle repair work, The Cylinder Service Centre has a secure compound with a hard surface for vehicle parking prior to the repair work.

External Crane for Vehicle Repairs and Refits This makes it easy to either drop a vehicle off for repair later, or else have somewhere to stand by if you wish to have the repair carried out while the driver waits.

Dedicated Maintenance Area

The Cylinder Service Centre has substantial dedicated vehicle repair facilities adjacent to the main factory.

This area has a heavy crane and a service pit which combined allows us to offer a wide range of repairs from small adjustments to major refits.

Having this fully fitted out and covered service area means we can undertake repairs quickly and efficiently - minimising stopage time and consequential lost earnings.

L.O.L.E.R. inspections


The Cylinder Service Centre undertakes Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) inspections either on-site at our Washington premises, or else at a suitable customer specified location.

Lifting equipment, which requires inspection, includes any equipment used at work for lifting or lowering loads, including attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it. The Regulations cover a wide range of equipment including:

  • cranes
  • fork-lift trucks
  • lifts
  • hoists
  • mobile elevating work platforms
  • vehicle inspection platform hoists

The definition also includes lifting accessories such as chains, slings, eyebolts etc.


The mobile unit is available to support our commercial vehicle servicing covering the majority of services outlined on this page.

This service option also covers LOLER testing so that repair and standards compliance can be dealt with at the same time.

A large proportion of our on-site service is available with our mobile service which can be combined with repairs to ensure continual compliance.