Trio logo Trio Skips and Hooks Limited is no longer an independent trading entity.

Telehoist LogoHowever at Cylinder Service Centre we are still able to offer support, parts and service to the many existing customers of both Trio and Telehoist equipment in the market place.

If you are an existing user of Trio hooks, Trio skips, Trio valves or PDOs you can rest assured that support and parts are available from Cylinder Service Centre.

Update: 14/02/2018

Trio Skips & Hooks Limited has now been closed for almost 8 years, but we still continue to get enquiries for compatible parts and repairs. In almost every case we have been able to supply a working solution with a substitute or through our own repair, or manufacturing services.

If you are still using Trio / Telehoist equipment and are looking for a reliable service provider, or parts supplier - then please get in touch.