Remote mobile repairs for commercial vehicles

Mobile Hydraulic Repairs

vehicle hookliftsCylinder Service Centre undertakes mobile hydraulic repairs for a wide range of different industries and customer types.

The majority of this type of repair work is vehicle maintenance of one sort or another. 

We have extensive parking facilities at our site in Washington making it easy to undertake in-situ hydraulic system fault finding and troubleshooting for commercial vehicles.

Often, when a vehicle failure occurs it is out on the road and ideally needs to be fixed there and then and so we also have a mobile maintenance option for in-situ service. 

Typical vehicle repairs that can be undertaken remotely or in-situ include:

  • repair and re-fitting of hydraulic cylinders
  • supply and fitting of wet kits
  • installation and repair of sheeting system
  • repair and installation of PTO pumps
  • repair and re-fitting of tipping rams
  • repair of hook loaders
  • repair of skip loaders
  • repair of vehicle mounted cranes

In many cases, generic solutions can be applied, but The Cylinder Service Centre is also either a maintenance provider or a dealer / distributor for:

This covers all of the major manufacturers / suppliers for commercial vehicle parts and so in the vast majority of cases the Cylinder Service Centre is able to replace like for like components.       
Equally with machine maintenance, it often makes sense to have the repairs undertaken by hydraulic engineers who can assess the damage and establish repair strategies on the spot. 

In the end this often means the units are removed back to The Cylinder Service Centre for the full repair.

Having the unit inspected and removed by a hydraulic engineer can often reduce the damage and speed up the repair process overall.

Having a mobile servicing capability means that both we and our customers have an extensive range of options open when considering repair, or replacement, of hydraulic equipment.


If you have a mobile hydraulic repair requirement, then please get in touch for a no obligation initial advisory discussion and pricing.