The Cylinder Service Centre is a dealer and support centre for Jost


The Cylinder Service Centre is a dealer and support centre for JOST.

JOST is the market leader and offers the largest world-wide product range for commercial vehicles. As a system supplier, they are setting the standard for a mobile future.

The JOST product range is extensive covering everything from fifth wheels to King pins and Sliders.

For commercial vehicle repairs, upgrades or re-fits we can undertake all work on-site at our premises in Washington. However, we also undertake work at customer premises, or at other locations if practicable.

The following outlines the JOST products supported by The Cylinder Service Centre.

Landing Gears

Jost landing gear moduleWith its unique patented drive, the modular Jost Landing Gear system is flexible, easy and safe to use.

Gear changing is quick and easy and the high gearing option allows comfortable lifting of heavy loads.

A special safety mechanism prevents uncontrolled run-down and the enclosed units are maintenance free.

In addition, the Jost KKS Comfort System offers the very latest in remote control technology and the ability to raise or lower the landing gear from inside the cab.

Designed and manufactured for performance and low maintenance, the Jost telescopic landing gear also complies with the exacting AAR standard.

Ball Bearing Turntables and Slewing Rings

Jost Ball bearing turntables and slewing rings are assemblies that allow trailers to swivel.

They are used on both road vehicles and in arigculture, often in highly corrosive atmospheric conditions.

The Jost products offer premium corrosion protection with an option of an additional coating if required.

A specialised fastening system removes the need for thrust plate welding and a central lubrication system makes lubrication both easier and more effective.  

King Pins

Jost King PinDesigned to satisfy the most stringent of safety standards, Jost King Pins are manufactured from high quality metal and are fully tested after manufacture to ensure they are completely crack free.

With an equally high quality finish, Jost King Pins are designed for ease of connection and to minimise maintenance time.

2' and 3½' king pins are available both with and without a retention plate.

Jost King Pins meet stringent European design and safety standards covered by directive ECE R55-01 in addition to DIN 74084 and ISO 3842.

Fifth Wheel Couplings and Systems

Fifth wheel couplings combined with king pins are used to make the connection between the cab unit and the trailer.

Jost fifth wheel couplingJost manufacture two sizes of fifth wheel couplings in 2' and 3½' variants.

Both sizes are available in a variety of construction heights and bearing types and versions. These are engineered to tackle the highly demanding and unpredictable nature of modern road haulage.

The C bearing with its maintenance free rubber cushions is designed for shock absorbing over rough surfaces.

The pivot bearing E achieves the lowest possible height profile and is also maintenance free. It works well with dual height fifth wheel systems.

The K bearing provides longtitudinal stability and protects the chassis frame during lateral distortions.

The cardan bearing G reduces tortional stresses in the truck chassis in off-road conditions. Due to the high loads it is designed as a double pivot bearing with wear proof bearing bushes.

Mounting plates can help to stabilise the cab unit's frame and come in a variety of heights to suit a wide range of applications and demands. Heights can be fine tuned by combinations of pedestal and mounting plate heights. 

Lubtronic assemblies can be added that provide automatic lubrication for up to 3 years.