Supplier and servicing centre for all Hyva equipment

Hyva - Supplier of Parts and Services

The Cylinder Service Centre is a supplier of parts and associated services for Hyva Equipment.

Hyva markets and distributes components that are developed and produced by manufacturing facilities around the world.

This page outlines just some of the major equipment from Hyva we supply and service.

Telescopic Tipping Cylinders

Hyva Hydraulic Lifting GearThe complete range of telescopic cylinders manufactured by Hyva, for both front-end and under-body applications can be supplied new or repaired by The Cylinder Service Centre.

The Hyva cylinders are light-weight, stable, maintenance free and use less oil and so often provide a useful performance improving alternative to the originally installed tipping cylinders. 

Front-end Cylinder Kit In Action

See the Hyva front-end cylinder kit in action in this animation.

Hydraulic kits

The Cylinder Service Centre provides a complete range of Hyva components such as pumps, valves and oil tanks to drive the hydraulic equipment on commercial vehicles.

These components can be combined by Cylinder Service Centre engineers to match any specific customer demand.


hyva pumpThe Cylinder Service Centre supplies and fits Hyva pumps, including gear- and piston pumps, for medium and high pressure (up to 400 bar) applications and in various configurations (DIN, UNI, ISO, SAE) and displacement sizes (from 20 to 150 cc/rev).

Hoses and adaptors

When installing Hyva equipment, using the appropriate hoses and adaptors from the Hyva range ensures a minimum pressure drop in the hydraulic kit.

The technical support from The Cylinder Service Centre that goes with the installation, ensures the correct adaptors are selected to optimise pump performance and facilitate installation in tight places.

Oil Tanks

Hyva Ram Oil TankThe Cylinder Service Centre can supply the full range of Hyva oil tanks: side, cradle and rear mounted models.

Tanks are available in steel and aluminium with capacities ranging from 12 up to 213 litres. The Hyva tanks are well designed and incorporate:

  • an optimum oil volume inicator
  • a mounting plate for the return filter
  • a spy glass
  • an air breather cap


The Cylinder Service Centre offers a complete range of Hyva tipping valves for different cylinder volumes with pressure settings from 120 to 350 bar.

The Hyva tipping valves we supply are designed for optimum performance. Hyva has achieved its reputation as a tipping specialist as a result of the superior features of their tipping valves. 

Air controls

Hyva Air ControlThe Cylinder Service Centre offers a complete range of Hyva air controls to engage the power take-off and valves in their hydraulic system.

The standard Hyva controls meet all legislative requirements with safety features such as the automatic P.T.O. engagement.

Installed with The Cylinder Service Centre's professional fitting service, you can rest assured that all legal requirements have been met. 

Double Acting Cylinders

The Hyva range of Double Acting Cylinders backed up with the technical experience of The Cylinder Service Centre can be combined to provide a customised solution for every requirement.

One stop shop

As a supplier of Hyva parts and services throughout the UK, The Cylinder Service centre offers support for the full range of innovative solutions from Hyva for lifting, loading, stacking and tipping parts and assemblies.

Whether it be supply of parts, repair, or fitting of Hyva equipment, you can rely on the Cylinder Service Centre to provide a professional service.

If you a have a requirement that you think may a require a Hyva solution then contact us now for a free intial consulation.