Hydraulic Trouble Shooting

Brief Hydraulic Trouble Shooting guide to cylinder failure

As cylinder failure can occur for many reasons, this hydraulic trouble shooting guide can be used to analyse the potential reasons for cylinder failure and establish corrective actions.

This list covers the subject broadly, but is not exhaustive. If you need further assistance
then please get in touch.   

SymptomPossible CausesRemedies
Piston rod scoredContamination of the oil

Contamination of the gland bearing

Gland bearing failure
Flush entire hydraulic system

Change all filters

Check gland bearing
Cylinder bore scoredContamination of the oil

Piston bearing failure
Flush entire hydraulic system

Change all filters

Check piston head bearing
Bent piston rodOperation problem: possible overload

Outside impact

Under specification of piston rod
Check operation parameters

Increase rod specification
Split weld on base and portsShock loading

Poor original weld
Check operation parameters

M/c off & re-weld correctly
Eye bearing brokenShock loading

Under specification of bearing

Overloading of cylinder
Check operation parameters

Increase bearing specification

Increase clevis pin size
Rod worn on one sideLack of bearing support

Too much side load

Rod too small
Increase bearing area

Change operation

Increase rod size

Incorporate external guides
Gland blown outPossible intensification of internal pressure

Threads worn

Deformation of cylinder tube
Check hydraulic valve operation

Check threads

Check tube for oviality & thread wear
Leaking from around the gland ODo-ring failure

cracked gland
Check clearances

Fit back-up ring to o-ring

Crack test gland
Piston rod pittingCorrosionUpgrade rod material to marine specification

Protect rod from weather
Barrel internally corrodedWater in the oilChange oil

Protect from water ingress
Regular seal leakageIncorrect seals fitted

Seal grooves corroded or marked

Air trapped in the oil

Incorrect metalwork clearances

Contamination of the oil

Seals fitted incorrectly

Seal housing sizes incorrect.
Check seal compatibility with conditions

Check all seal grooves for marking & corrosion

Make sure cylinder is bled correctly

Check oil for contamination

Check condition of all running surfaces
Cylinder is getting hotInternal leakageTest for internal pressure bypass

Strip cylinder and inspect piston head & bore of tube

Remove piston and check internal seal
Rod kick up at end of strokeInternal bearing wear

Incorrect alignment of piston to gland
Strip and inspect piston head & gland bearings

Check alignment of piston to gland
Piston rod will not retractInternal leakage

Port blockage
Strip and inspect piston head & tube

Check ports and pipes for blockages

Check valve operation
Loss of powerInternal leakage

Hydraulic pump failure

Valve settings incorrect
Strip and inspect piston head & tube

Check pump & valves
Slip stick or judderingLack of lubricant for the gland bearing & sealsRough surface finishes on rod or tube

Lack of hydraulic pressure

Vacuuming or air entrapment

Bearing tolerances too tight

Seals too tight

This list covers the subject broadly, but is not exhaustive. If you need further assistance
with hydraulic trouble shooting then please get in touch.    


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