Cylinder Trouble Shooting Introduction

Introduction and index to the detailed cylinder troubleshooting guides


This section provides troubleshooting information for both hydraulic and pneumatic sealing devices. It can be used as a reference guide when devising options for the correction of any kind of cylinder failure.

Greatly extended, leak-free service can be achieved by installing superior, longer lasting seals and component parts in a properly designed cylinder. The key to selecting the right replacement parts, or in devising an effective new design, is to fully understand the original reason for failure. 

Troubleshooting in Detail

The most effective troubleshooting is both systematic and pre-emptive. The aim is to establish the root cause of problems before they become critical and cause catastrophic machine failure with the associated consequential financial loss.

Troubleshooting has 4 stages, each progressing in detail to provide a full picture of why the problem occurred and therefore what the best corrective and preventive action should be.

In turn they are:

Stage 1

Observe and record the operating conditions, in which the cylinder is operating, such as fluid medium, speed, pressure, and environment.

Stage 1 >>


Stage 2

Observe and record any service problems, such as type and volume of leakage and cylinder performance.

Stage 2 >>


Stage 3

Observe and record the cylinder condition prior to and during disassembly. Look for damage and wear.

Stage 3 >>


Stage 4

Observe and record the seal condition after disassembly to determine how the seal wore and failed.

Stage 4 >>



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