Published: 29/03/2012

Vehicle repair comprises a significant proportion of the Cylinder Service Centre's business. It is not always appreciated just how much Hydraulic and/or pneumatic equipment is on a modern commercial vehicle, but it can be substantial.

Vehicle repairThe Cylinder Service Centre has a number of dealerships, or supply agreements, with major manufacturers, or suppliers, of commercial vehicle equipment so we do not always stop at the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder equipment. In fact, it is common that we will undertake a repair that covers a number of different elements such as Wet kits, Sheeting systems, Power Take Off (PTO) units and tipping rams.

Combining this range of services with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) inspections has meant a steady increase in demand for our vehicle repair services in recent times. So much so that the dedicated section we have focussed on this work has now been extended by a full 30% to accommodate the additional work.

This extension has involved adding new specialist personnel as well as new equipment which has now been housed in a more formal dedicated section.  

The Cylinder Service Centre Managing Director, Gary Davison, said about this new development, "Vehicle repair is growing both in size and importance for our businesses. The close working relationship we have with manufacturers such as Edbro, Binotto, Harsh and Hyva has been mutually beneficial. We will continue to build on the excellent work of the vehicle repair team and look forward to further positive developments in this area of our business".