Published: 26/11/2015

Sometimes neccessity is the mother of invention and if this the case then our new large cylinder surface linishing facility is the offspring.

Linishing is a process which involves a fine abrasive belt passing back and forth over the metal surface until it has been cleaned up completely. It is a form of grinding, but has the advantage of being able to be applied over uneven surfaces as the flexible nature of the linishing belt means it can move up and down over undulations in the surface.

large cylinder surface linishingLinishing is nothing new and we have been using it for many years as indeed do lots of other engineering compnaies.

What is new is the latest facility we have engineered for large cylinders.

This is unique in the North of England and Scotland.

The reason we are confident about just how unique this facility is the trouble we had with sourcing it in the first place. To make a long story short  - we just couldn't do it. The exact specification device to handle the large cylinders we work with was just not available.

To get an idea of what this means - it is a bit like going out and buying a new jacket off the shelf when you need a jacket. This will always be so much easier than cutting the cloth and tailoring it yourself. But if you do tailor yourself and you have the right skills to do so, the end result will be a perfect fit.

This is exactly where we were. Unable to buy the right linishing product we decided to design and engineer it ourselves because we have the skills to do so. This is by no means the easy route, but it is a route that has ensured we have ended up a with large cylinder linishing capability which is precisely configured for our exacting cylinder finishing requirements.

The final configuration on the large lathe setup allows us to linish and polish out light scoring without a full grind and re-chrome on cylinders up to 1000mm in diameter and a full 9mtrs between centres.

On completion Gary Davison, the Cylinder Service Centre Managing Director said: "This is yet another example of that special blend of engineering expertise and innovation that is the bedrock of our business".

For more information on this new service area, see the Large Cylinder Surface Linishing page.