Published: 23/06/2015

A perennial problem in the construction of hydraulic assemblies is finding a method to both hold loose parts in position and lubricate them for assembly.

In the past specialised assembly grease has been used for this, but this approach brings a significant downside in the form of oil contamination which in turn requires expensive filtration to clean out.

treacle oil in useAt last, there is neat solution to this problem that is now employed by The Cylinder Service Centre and supplied by our sister operation: TW Oils.

Its proper name is 'Assembly Oil', but because of it its viscosity and adhesive properties it is often referred to as Treacle Oil and it seems like this name has, well, just stuck.

The Treacle Oil delivers both the sticky and assembly lubrication properties of assembly grease, but rather neatly dissipates during operation removing the need for post assembly fluid filtering.

It gets better. Treacle Oil contains special fortifying additives with anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties. These anti-wear additives allow safe and efficient operation under high-load conditions.

Treacle Oil's high viscosity enables it to maintain a protective, lubricating film between the surfaces in contact, and therefore eliminates shearing, galling and seizing of machine and equipment parts during assembly and running in.

The bottom line is cost of course - expressed in both time and money. By using this innovative approach in our internal assembly processes time is saved in both manufacture and repair and removing post assembly filtration reduces further cost.

Furthermore, the advantages of using Treacle Oil are available to everyone now that this highly specialised lubricant is available through TW Oils.

If you would like more information about Treacle Oil and its use in hydraulic cylinder assembly - please get in touch.