Published: 13/08/2012

Sometimes we surprise ourselves and this month has been one of those times.

Less than one month ago we received an urgent order for three high pressure jacks for the off-shore industry. Normally such an order would be on a lead time of 6 months, but this month we have turned it around in just 26 days. 

The lead time of course is not just a function of the engineering in our factory, we also have to be able to buy some parts and materials to put into the final assembly and if they are not available - then often we just have to wait until they are.

3 high pressure 500 ton jacksBut not this time. This was an urgent order for the manufacture of three high pressure 500 ton jacks weighing 3/4 of a ton each and our customer could not wait.

Fortunately, we have a great relationship with our supply chain and we when we explained the problem then everyone pulled out all of the stops.  With all of the parts and materials we needed readily available, we then accelerated the path through the factory by giving the job a high priority. With some overtime and some highly focused effort from all personnel involved, the job was able to sail through the production process without delaying any other work, or inconveniencing any of our other customers.

The risk, of course, in any rush job is that errors are more easily made when in a hurry and so, when it came to testing, there were one or two fingers crossed. We needn't have worried though, the jacks passed some rigorous testing with flying colours and we were able to despatch with full confidence that this was a job well done - and very quickly.

The production team deserves full credit for the excellent work over the last month, but we would also like to thank those suppliers that made that extra effort to support us and help us deliver these jacks in record time.