Published: 20/02/2013

Today sees the launch of our new Technical Resources Section on the web site. This is intended to pull together a number of elements on the website that may prove useful for engineering design purposes. It is a mixture of practical tools, reference resources and academic studies that we plan to extend gradually over time.

To get things started we have 4 notable resources that are worth taking a look at:

1 - Distribution of Forces on Cylinder Components

This is a recently commission academic report that outlines how forces are calculated in critical areas of a typical cylinder design.

2 - Rod and Barrel Design Calculator

The Rod and Barrel Design Calculator is s useful tool for working out a number of key measurements such as full bore area, annulus area, full bore oil volume, annulus area oil volume, etc. Just put in Bore Diameter, Stroke Length, Maximum Working Pressure and Pump Output and the calculator does the rest.

3 - Cylinder Design Glossary

The Cylinder Design Glossary gives an overview of some of the more common technical terms used on this site and in relation to cylinder engineering design overall.  

4 - Trouble Shooting Guide

The trouble shooting guide is a useful reference for when things go wrong. Showing symptoms, possible causes and remedies for piston rod failures in particular. It provides a handy background checklist when evaluating a repair, especially if a specification upgrade is being considered.

We hope these resources prove useful, please let us know if you would like to see anything else on these pages.