Published: 27/10/2011

The Cylinder Service Centre are near the completion of a new 2500 sq.ft extension to the existing 24,000 sq.ft factory workshop.

The need for additional space has been driven by increased demand following an extended period of steady growth. Cylinder Service Centre now requires additional space to increase both output and the range of services offered to its customers. The new building will house a Deep hole boring machine capable of boring up to 700mm x 6000mm long plus a 7000mm stoke horizontal honing machine.

One service that has been of growing interest amongst the more technically demanding, larger, customers is that of holding maintenance stock. That is, fully assembled & tested spares that themselves need to be cared for in a specialist environment and re-tested before shipping.

For this task specialist housings are manufactured and stored in a fully secure area.

Factory Extension

As the reputation of Cylinder Service has grown throughout the country we have also found ourselves handling much larger jobs which require more space in the factory. The additional space will help us re-organise to meet these larger demands much more easily.

At the time of writing the new facility (pictured left) is already part employed as we had a very full order book even before building began.

However, further fitting out work is required and we expect the building to be fully functional for December 2011 ready to be used fully in the coming year.