Published: 08/12/2014

There hardly seem to be a month goes by these days when we are not installing some new piece of equipiment or other and December looks like it will be no different.

The month has hardly started and we have already installed a new overhead crane - now taking the total to five.

If five seems excessive it is worth considering that the four we have had to date are almost all fully occupied throughout the normal working day. This new crane provides the additional capacity within the factory that means that units can be moved more quickly to the next stage of repair, or manufacture.

The end result is a shorter unit processing lead time for our customers and an increased throughput for the business.

Assembling and mounting the new crane was a text-book job - executed in one day. The pictures below tell the story from start to finish.

New Crane #1The crane was shipped in parts and so was first assembled on the factory floor in line with how it was to be mounted.
New Crane #2Ironically, we needed a crane to mount the crane. This picture shows the crane frame slung and ready to be lifted onto the runners.
New Crane #3The crane is lifted into position.
New Crane #4The first runner is located and the crane can now be lowered into its final position.
New Crane #5Final lowering of the crane into its working location.