Published: 22/09/2013

There is a long way to go before the fracking industry fully takes off in the UK, but when it does The Cylinder Service Centre sees it as a future area of expansion.

Gary Davison, our Managing Director said: "We are looking to position ourselves in the market to exploit the possible fracking boom because we are already established in the oil and gas industry, which will be developing the new fracking sites. This could potentially be an exciting period of growth for us."

Gary Davison and Sunderland Councillor Harry TruemanIn fact this oportunity is so promising that The Cylinder Service Centre is now considering opening an additional office in Aberdeen as a more direct link into the oil and gas industry which is heavily concentrated there. 

The Cylinder Service Centre has been successful to date in the oil and gas industry by building trust in the business through the investment of time and energy to put all of the relevant qualifications and accreditations in place.

We now have a situation where companies now send major contracts to us, based on the accreditations and qualifications that we have.  The company continues to build on this by continually investing in the quality side of our work and high tech design solutions.

You can see more about the details about this initiative in the recent Journal Newspaper article.