Published: 27/09/2012

This year has been a very busy one for The Cylinder Service Centre and frankly it has been a challenge to meet our exacting service levels faced with a steady increase in workload. While the news has been filled with flat growth figures for the economy as a whole our growth rate has continued to be very strong.

As a consequence the extension we built to the side of the factory last year is already being used fully and we need yet more space. So to satisfy this need for additional spaceĀ  this year we will be extending the extension. In actual fact, not so much extending as doubling the size of the extension.

The new facility will be largely used as a stock holding warehouse, but this will free up space throughout the main production facility and allow additional capacity to be added.

In preparation we have recently made a substantial investment in two new machining centres: a KTM Fleximatic 5 axis CNC machine with a 1600mm bed and a Mazak Lathe with a 1000mm b.c. and 550mm swing which is also 4 axis with live tooling capability.

These two machines alone will provide a significant efficiency improvement to our overall manufacturing capability which will, in turn, increase the speed of turnaround of individual orders.

Managing Director Gary Davison said: "Right from the start this has been a remarkable year for us and we have now been able to bring forward into this year expansion plans originally slated for 2013 or 2014. Balancing a good service level with continual expansion is always a massive challenge, but we have managed it well so far and the new facility will be very welcome when it arrives.".

The new facility is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2012.