Published: 17/01/2012

A new facility to manufacture heavy walled cylinder tubes for high pressure and large bore cylinders is now in place.

Deep Hole Boring Machine

Located in our factory extension, this deep hole boring machine is now fully operational and already employed with some large cylinder contracts the Cylinder Service Centre has recently taken on.

The factory extension was built at the end of 2011 to assist with the expansion of our production capacity, but the addition of new equipment such as the deep hole boring machine also assists with the ongoing development of our production capabilities.

This new facility allows us to now bore 6 metre long bores up to 750 mm in diameter - a significant extension to our capabilities.

The machine was manoeuvred into place at the start of January 2012 using the 20 ton overhead crane employed in the factory extension. This crane will also be well employed moving the sizeable components being produced by the deep hole boring machine.