Published: 09/03/2012

The beginning of the year has always traditionally been low on earnings for The Cylinder Service Centre and as 2012 kicked off there was every reason to expect there to be no change this year - especially as the global economic climate continues to be so uncertain.

However, this year, not only have we bucked the trend, we have broken with our own tradition by having the best ever January and February in the history of the firm. It has been such a good trading period, that February 2012 trading was double that of the best ever previous February.

As if that wasn't enough, February 2012 was in fact our best ever single month. A remarkable achievement given that, even with an extra day this year, February is a short month.

Frankly, we are still scratching our heads over the reasons behind this, but it does seem to have been driven mainly through repeat orders for hydraulic repairs and new hydraulic cylinders from existing customers, with the offshore industry being especially busy. Perhaps the good weather this winter has been useful for offshore maintenance that would normally be put off until the spring, or summer.

Whatever the reason, it comes on the back of a period of steady growth for the business which has continued through the recent recession and looks set to continue into a new period of growth for, hopefully, the economy overall. In hindsight, therefore, it does make sense and is in line with the underlying growth trend for The Cylinder Service Centre.

Managing Director Gary Davison said: "We are adding staff currently, but this additional workload has all been handled by the existing team. It is a testament to the diligence and professionalism of everyone within the business that we have been able to maintain our high standards of quality and delivery while increasing overall volume to such an extent."