Published: 23/04/2012

The Cylinder Service Centre would like to congratulate SSI Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI UK) on re-starting the blast furnace in at the old Corus / Tata plant on Teeside.

The plant is now starting to produce its first usable iron slabs which can be turned into steel and we at The Cylinder Service Centre are pleased to have played a part in this good news story for the North East and for the people of Teeside in particular.

A large proportion of the original 1,600 employees who lost their jobs in February 2010 have now been re-employed by SSI which is excellent news given the present economic backdrop.

Almost all of the new production will be for export to Thailand making a positive contribution to the UK's balance of payments. If the success continues then further production can be expected for the wider market.  

It is just a year ago that the Teesside plant faced permanent closure, following the original shutdown in February 2010.  The speed of the re-start is therefore especially remarkable and an undoubted testament to the hard work and dedication of the new team.

On the subject of which, the hardworking and dedicated team here at The Cylinder Service Centre would like to wish SSI UK the very best of luck for the current phase of development of the Teeside operation.

We look forward to working with SSI UK towards further good news in the not to distant future.