Published: 13/07/2017

The Cylinder Service Centre is well known in the North East for its expertise in hydraulic cylinder manufacture and repair, but the full breadth and depth of our services is not always appreciated. The follow are 3 aspects of our business that can be a bit of a happy surprise to businesses that do not know us well.

1 - Commercial Vehicle Repair

Because of our expertise in both hydraulics and pneumatics commercial vehicle repair, upgrades and preventive maintenance was a natural extension to our business.

maintenance bay

The site we occupy at Washington has right from the time we moved here been a fantastic location for vehicle storage with more than enough space within the fenced perimiter to handle several vehicles at once.

A dedicated maintenance bay is located on the side of the main factory with an access pit and overhead crane to make the work easy, speedy and safe.

With the factory location right next to the A1 and just a few minutes drive from the A19 we are easy to find and get to.

Over the years we have added most of the major assembly and part manufacturers or distributors to our dealership list such as Jost, Hyva Edbro, or Binotto. These relationships make it easy to obtain parts quickly and speed up turnaround of any service requirement.

For more information see our vehicle repair services page.

2 - In-house Design

The Cylinder Service is much more than just a manufacturer or repaierer of cylinders. Our in-house engineering design service means that we can design cylinders from the bottom up.

cylinder design servicesSo if you want new cylinder manufactured, we can help you specify it aswell as design it and make it for you.

Our advances design software allows us to run multiple design scenarios to find the optimum solution for your application.

Better still this capability can also be applied to repair work leading to design specification upgrades during the repair which can often mean the repaired cylinder comes back better than when it was new.

In recent years we have extended our design capability to create a fast quotation service that maps out the design challenges at the outset making it much easy to provide fixed price estimates in very short timescales.

For more information see our cylinder design services.

3 - On-Site Maintenance Services

Often when cylinders require repair it is after a failure in action on the machine. In such a situation more damage can be caused during the removal if it is not done correctly.

on-site repair servicesEqually a bad install and configuration of new cylinder can impair its performance, reduce its life and in certain circumstances be downright dangerous.

In both of these cases having an expert on-site to help can be invaluable. This is why The Cylinder Service Centre has a mobile unit dedicated to on-site maintenance services.

Although the unit focuses work in the North East, it is very popular amongst our local customers and must have saved them a considerable amount of money over the years.

For more information see our mobile maintenance services page.

Last Word

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