Transport and commercial vehicle specialist services


In Summary

  • Service and maintenance services for most major manufacturers and suppliers in the UK
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic repairs
  • Wet kit supply and fitting
  • Sheeting systems installed & repaired
  • Specialised personnel and equipment
  • On-site or on-location repairs 

The Cylinder Service Centre supplies highly competitive solutions on newly manufactured or repaired hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for the Transport Industry.

Our specialised equipment and personnel mean we can get straight to the core of the problem.

This means we can devise and deliver a solution speedily and cost effectively.

This means getting the vehicle quickly back on the road and earning its keep once again.

The Cylinder Service Centre is an authorised parts and service agent for a number of market leading brands such as Binotto, Edbro, Harsh, Hyva and others.

As such we are able to provide hydraulic and pneumatic repairs, or replacements for most commercial vehicles on the road today.

More About Transportation

There are almost 500,000 lorries on the road in Britain today. The logistics and post section alone is worth around £55bn to the economy and makes up 5% of the UK GDP overall.

For Cylinder Service Centre the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders on these vehicles are an important area of business.

Small Truck TransportationRoad transport companies are these days under enormous pressure from fuel price increases and congestion. 

These are two external factors that reduce profitability and efficiency. They are almost wholly out of the control of the road transport companies themselves.

Unsurprisingly then, costs that can be controlled such as maintenance come under a sharp focus.

So when maintenance requirements do arise, the cost effectiveness of the end solution is critcal.

This means not just the cost, but how quickly the fix is supplied and how reliable the new or repaired part is.

This is where a professionally repaired part from The Cylinder Service Centre can really make the difference.