Specialist services for rail track laying machines

Rail Track Laying

The Rail Industry is one that continues to grow and grow in importance as new demands are made on the UK transport infrastructure.

Railway Equipment CylinderThe Cylinder Service Centre supplies services and equipment to the layers and maintainers of track and train operators alike.

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are widely used in this industry.

The Rail Industry is responsible for carrying millions of passengers every year and for the transport of industrial supplies, many of which are highly dangerous.

As with so many industries that Cylinder Service Centre operates in, this industry is extremely health and safety conscious.

The consequences of failure are often highly damaging, or fatal.

Health and Safety Critical

The Cylinder Service Centre team is able to offer a service to this industry that is fully in line with the required safety demands.

Additionally, we have the specialised equipment needed that supports the repair, the assembly work and the critical testing needed to provide assurance of safety.

To make sure that everything that could be done has been done to minimise equipment failure and the associated health and safety consequences.

More About The Rail Industry

The most common track form consists of flat-bottom steel rails supported on timber or pre-stressed concrete sleepers (ties), which are themselves laid on crushed stone ballast.

Most railways with heavy traffic use continuously welded rails supported by ties (sleepers) attached via tieplates (baseplates) which spread the load.

A plastic or rubber pad is usually placed between the rail and the tieplate where concrete ties (sleepers) are used. The rail is usually held down to the tie with resilient fastenings.

Laying of RailsModern laying is undertaken by mobile factories that manufacture as they lay the rails and can lay up to a kilomotre per day.

This is of course a highly mechanised solution with many hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder assemblies employed: equipment of this kind does not come cheap.

A single day of downtime for a machine that can lay up to one kilometre per day of track can prove to be very costly.

Rail track laying therefore respresents an important area of business for Cylinder Service Centre as our specialised facilities are ideal for the manufacture and repair of any hydraulic or pneumatic equipment that may be required - not just in function, but also in scale.