Specialists in hydraulic cylinders to the oil, gas, offshore and shipping industries

Oil and Gas / Offshore Industry

In Summary

  • Specialised Design service for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Certificated to all offshore required quality and safety standards
  • Internally developed, computerised traceability system
  • Extensive Knowledge in Oil and Gas and offshore applications  
  • Manufacture, repair, overhaul and refurbishment of:
    • Rig Skidding Equipment
    • Drilling Equipment
    • Oil rig equipment in general
    • BOP Systems (BlowOut Preventer Systems)
    • BOP Drilling Equipment
    • Heave Compensator Equipment
  • A true supplier /partner to the oil and Gas Industry

A Leading Supplier to the Oil and Gas Industry

The Cylinder Service Centre is a preferred hydraulic cylinder repair facility for all of the major players in the Oil and Gas industry

We are a leading supplier of new, specialist and bespoke hydraulic cylinders to the offshore and shipping industries.

Design and Manufacture

The offshore oil and gas industry has very specialised demands in terms of both health and safety and performance.

Sub Sea AssemblyThe Cylinder Service Centre has over the years seen and repaired every conceivable type of hydraulic cylinder failure.

This has given us precious experience and foresight when it comes to designing specialised cylinders for the particular safety and performance demands of the Oil and Gas industry.

We use this knowledge to design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders that are safe and effective in the required application as well as being efficient and easy to maintain and service.

Repair, Overhaul and Refurbishment

Our specialised equipment for stripping, building and testing, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience in hydraulics and Oil and Gas applications, means that repairs can be undertaken speedily and cost effectively.

Also, repairs can often be an opportunity for a specification upgrade, resulting in some repaired equipment leaving our premises better able to deal with the required application than when it was new.

This can be especially true in the case of surface materials that need to withstand very harsh conditions in their offshore applications. 

Specialised Quality Assurance

The Cylinder Service Centre is compliant with, and certificated to, all of the quality and safety standards required by the offshore, shipping and sub-sea industries.

This means that all of The Cylinder Service Centre's customers from these industries can be assured that their demanding quality, performance and safety requirements will be fully met.

This includes important documentation used to support all procurement, new build and maintenance procedures.

This is computerised using our internally developed computerised management system.

A true partner to the Oil and Gas Industry

The Cylinder Service Centre is therefore a true partner to our Oil and Gas customers supplying equipment and repairs and knowledge and expertise.

An overall service that fully meets the demanding needs of this industry.

If your business is in the oil and gas industry and would like to know more about how we can support you with our hydraulic cylinder manufacture or repair services - then please get in touch.