For the demanding mining industry and the quarrying industry

Mining and Quarrying Hydraulic Services

The Cylinder Service Centre provides a substantial repair and manufacturing service for hydraulic cylinders to the mining industry.

The Cylinder Service Centre provides manufacturing and repair services to the mining industry throughout the UK.

Cylinder Manufacturing and Supply

We supply new off-the-shelf cylinders aswell as bespoke specialist solutions, designed from scratch - see our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing page.

We support all of the major OEM manufacturers that provide equipment to the mining industry such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Terex and Euclid.

In particular, we have formal supply and support agreements with a number of accessory and add-on manufactures - see our vehicle repair page.

Repair and Re-Manufacturing

We also provide repair and re-manufacturing services for hydraulic cylinders in the mining industry.

A repair can be a large or smalll fix or a re-manufactured cylinder where we rebuild the cylinder - almost from first principles.

This means looking at the overall design of the cylinder including the build and materials used. The end result is often a 'repaired' cylinder that is better than new.

This means better performance and longer intervals between repairs or replacements. It also means reduced costs over the life of the equipment.

You can find out more about repair and re-manufacturing on our hydraulic cylinder repair page.

Quality and Responsiveness

mining vehicleThe heavy equipment used for both extraction and transport in the mining industry all use hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders extensively and so services to mining remains an important and growing market segment for the Cylinder Service Centre. 

As with so many other industries, it is vitally important that the expensive capital equipment employed in mining, quarrying and raw material transport are functional for as much of normal operating time as possible.

Quite often this means 24 hour operations.

The responsive, quality assured services that The Cylinder Service Centre offers to this industry is therefore highly valued.

Our mining and quarrying customers come to Cylinder Service Centre because they know they will get the response and quality of repair and manufacture needed for the special demands of the mining industry.