Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder marine engineering specialist services

Marine Engineering

Marine engineering services, including offshore and renewable sub-sectors, represents a substantial proportion of the Cylinder Service Centre's business.

It is in the very nature of the marine industries that a great deal of equipment employed uses hydraulic and pneumatic technology.

The specialist services provided by Cylinder Service Centre in these areas are therefore much in demand. This includes marine engines and marine diesel engines in particular.

wind farm offshore marine engineeringAlthough the renewable sector (such as offshore, or onshore wind based electricity generation) is still in its infancy we have seen significant growth in demand from this sector in recent years.

We expect that trend to continue as this part of the marine industry develops, expands and the machinery gets older.

For all maritime applications, special consideration has be made for the extremely hostile machine environment.

Not only is machinery often fully exposed to the elements, the added corrosive component of salt water makes things much worse.

This means that strip-downs are more challenging for failed components and for this our specialised stripping rig comes in really useful. The Stripping Rig allows repairs to be made on hydraulic, or pneumatic assemblies from marine equipment, or marine engines, that would normally have scrapped.

The inevitable surface damage from difficult stripdowns means we often need metal spray to correct the damage. As this is a standard in-house process, this usually does not present too much of a problem.

Careful consideration must be given to coatings and an approach that minimises the risk of corrosion. To maintain the important performance requirements of the assembly in its marine application, requires highly specialsed design skills that The Cylinder Service Centre has in-house.

Marine Industry Background

It is estimated that the marine industries generate sales of £7.6bn a year from the UK (of which about £4bn comes from exports). This contributes £3.1bn to GDP and employs around 105,000 people.

The Crown Estate estimates that the wider marine-related economy generates around £46bn of the UK’s GDP and provides 890,000 jobs.

These figures were sourced from the UK MARINE INDUSTRIES STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK - March 2010.

This document, produced by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills provides a forward looking vision of new opportunities for the maritime industry in the coming years.

It splits the industry into 4 main areas, namely:

  • The leisure sector ship in for repair
  • The naval sector
  • The commercial sector
  • Marine renewable energy

For the most part, Cylinder Service Centre services the last 2 industries although it is still early days for the marine renewable energy sector.

The commercial sector can be further broken down into areas such as:

  • Offshore
  • Marine equipment general (including shipping)
  • Ports and terminals

These are the areas where we provide the bulk of our hydraulic and pneumatic repair and manufacturing services.

If you would like more information about the marine engineering services The Cylinder Service Centre offers, or would like to discuss some preventive maintenance measures, then please get in touch.