Fast turnaround repair and maintenance services for injection moulding machines

Injection Moulding

For the most part businesses using injection moulding are high volume manufacturers using either continuous flow or batch production.

Where the parts are being produced for high volume, lean supply chains (e.g. the car industry) then up-time is critical.

It is essential that machine repairs can be made in a timely and professional manner.

plastic mouldingThis is where the responsive approach of the professional team at Cylinder Service Centre really shows its worth.

By providing repairs and new parts, properly tested and in a timely manner, we can ensure that  the injection moulding machine is back up and running quickly.

Improving the Injection Moulding Process

One thing not widely understood is the relationship between the hydraulic setup and the overall efficiency of the injection moulding machine.

Past case studies have shown that just by changing the hydraulic oil, energy savings averaging more than 13.5% can be made. 

In this day and age improving the energy efficiency to such a degree can lead to substantial cost reductions

With expertise in both hydraulic cylinder design and the sourcing and supply of hydraulic fluids,  the Cylinder Service Centre is well placed to assist you in improving the performance of your injection moulding machines as well as supporting you with repair and general maintenance services. 

Supported Types of Injection Moulding Processes

There is a wide range of different injection moulding processes or approaches the majority of which have either hydraulic, or pneumatic components that require either repair, or replacement over the life of the associated machines.

Cylinder Service Centre works with them all. An indicative list is shown below.

  • Co-injection (sandwich) moulding 
  • Fusible (lost, soluble) core injection moulding
  • Gas-assisted injection moulding
  • In-mold decoration and in moulding lamination
  • Injection-compression moulding
  • Insert and outsert moulding
  • Lamellar (microlayer) injection moulding
  • Low-pressure injection moulding
  • Metal injection moulding
  • Microinjection moulding
  • Microcellular moulding
  • Multicomponent injection moulding
  • Multiple live-feed injection moulding
  • Powder injection moulding
  • Push-Pull injection moulding
  • Reaction injection moulding
  • Resin transfer moulding
  • Rheomoulding
  • Structural foam injection moulding
  • Structural reaction injection moulding
  • Thin-wall moulding
  • Vibration gas injection moulding
  • Water assisted injection moulding
  • Rubber injection Injection molding of liquid silicone rubber

If you would like more information about we can support, or improve your injection moulding production, then please get in touch.