Repair and maintenance of demolition equipment using hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders

Demolition Equipment Maintenance

The Cylinder Service Centre undertakes demolition equipment maintenance on the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders commonly used on this type of machinery.

A Highly Demanding Industry

demolition equipmentThe demands on the equipment used in demolition are huge.

Unlike machinery used in construction generally, it is often high impact and used almost continuously throughout the demolition process.

Often the equipment is hired, which can mean that it is more intensively used than equipment that is owned.

If you add to this the highly dangerous nature of demolition, it is no surprise to find that repairs on demolition equipment are undertaken more frequently than other construction type equipment.

Extensive Experience

For The Cylinder Service Centre, the demolition industry represents a significant proportion of our business.

We have a great deal of experience of handling the specialised repairs we undertake on demolition industry machines such as:

  • demolition robots
  • demolition tools
  • hydraulic breakers
  • concrete crushers
  • scabblerss
  • drilling machines
  • excavator mounted processing shears
  • rippers
  • grabs
  • grapples
  • pulverisers

Customer Service

Apart from the high level engineering technical skills required to repair demolition equipment, customer service is also critical.

Often, if a large piece of equipment becomes damaged, it can hold up the whole job. Such a situation that can quickly become very costly.

This is especially true if the a fixed price contract is involved. This is where using a specialist such as Cylinder Service Centre can really pay off.

With our highly skilled and experienced workforce and specialised equipment, we can turn around both repair and manufacturing jobs quickly.

This ensures a fully repaired and tested solution is returned in good time and keeps downtime costs to a minimum.

Minimising Risk

Beyond the obvious physical demands on the machinery, demolition is generally fraught with risk and has its own British Standard (BS6187: 2000 Code of practice for demolition).

This covers how best to organise and manage a demolition contract and includes (by reference) BS 7121, Code of practice for safe use of cranes.

This second standard covers the maintenance of cranes. This is where The Cylinder Service Centre becomes involved in both repairs and provision of new hydraulic parts.

The Cylinder Service Centre makes the repairs to comply with the stringent demands of BS 7121.

We also have a dedicated test machine, developed in-house, which can test up to and beyond operational performance. This ensures that repairs can be fully validated before re-using the equipment. 

Cost Reduction

Maintenance costs represent a significant proportion of the total costs associated with owning demolition equipment.

This true whether the owner is a hire business, or the demolition business itself.

It is vital for demolition machinery owners to have a trusted maintenance supplier. A supplier like The Cylinder Service Centre that can undertake the repairs quickly and provide replacement parts and equipment.

A supplier that can be trusted to ensure the safety and operational integrity of new and repaired parts - while keeping the cost down.

For demolition businesses looking for a new demoloition equipment maintenance partner/supplier, The Cylinder Service Centre is a good place to start. Why not get in touch to see what we can do for you.