Although we manufacture and repair cylinders of all sizes, The Cylinder Service Centre is particularly well known for its large hydraulic cylinder work.

The Right Location for Large Cylinders

large hydraulic cylinder repairIn fact one of the main reasons for building the specialist factory we operate from now was to handle large cylinders. We made sure when the factory was built that the production space and the lifting equipment could all handle the larger cylinder sizes.

We have also located the factory right next to the A1 to make it much easier to transport large units to and from it.

Large Cylinder Machinery

The Cylinder Service Centre has an extensive range of large capacity machines. These include:

  • Centre lathe turning up to 1,000mm swing to 9,000mm
  • Hollow spindle Centre lathe turning up to 250mm swing to 14,000mm
  • CNC Hollow spindle Centre lathe turning up to 800mm swing to 6,000mm
  • Deep hole boring 760mm x 6,000mm
  • Honing 800mm x 7,000mm stroke

We also have a hydraulic horizontal press capable of applying pressure up to 350 tons.

Our hydraulic assembly benches can handle units up to 16 metres long.

Specialist Equipment

Operating on the outer edges of what is possible, we do find it difficult to find machinery that will do exactly what is required for large cylinders.

We therefore often have to modify existing machine or just design and make them ourselves from scratch.

Stripping Rig

One of the first machines we created for this reason was our purpose built stripping rig.

This rig delivers 203,373Nm of turning force which allows to make repairs to large seized cylinders that others would just have to write off.

More information can be found on the stripping rig page.

Pressure Testing Rig

Our own pressure testing rig was designed and built in-house and fine tuned in full consultation with the UK Health and Safety Executive.

It can pressure test up to 20,000 psi and has a 12 metre long bed. This allows the testing of cylinders up 6 metres long within the enclosure.

The maximum bore size that can be tested is 400mm. More information can be found about the rig on the pressure testing rig page.

Surface Linishing Machine

Large Cylinder Surface LinishingOur Surface Linishing Machine gives us a capacity which is on the upper end of what is physically possible in the UK at present.

We are confident that this is unique in the North of England and Scotland because of the difficulties we had in finding either a machine or a subcontractor that could meet our capacity requirements.

These were so demanding the only option was to build it ourselves.

More information can be found on the Large Cylinder Surface Linishing page

Large Cylinder Case Study

In terms of reach, the large cylinder we designed and built for Seatricity was the largest of this type we have ever attempted.

In fact the cylinder was so large that a police escort was required for the exceptionally long load when it was finally shipped.


Seatricity Long Cylinder being Loaded


Seatricity sought The Cylinder Service Centre out because they simply could not find another company that had both the technological understanding and the manufacturing capability to make their ground breaking vision a reality.

More information can found on this development in the news item on renewable energy hydraulics.