This unique hydraulic machine has been developed and improved over the last twelve years.

It is powered by a 400 bar power pack that drives a large Staffer motor that in turn drives a 10-1 reduction gearbox. All of this power is transmitted through a massive adjustable clamp/clevis.

The sliding sadle is also connected by a chain linked to another hydraulic motor thus allowing pulling force to be applied as the head turns.

Stubborn Seized Components

The Hydraulic stripping rig is capable of producing a staggering 150,000 ft/lb (203,400 Nm) of torque. This is normally enough to remove even the most stubborn of seized components and, at over 13 meters long, it can cope with even the largest of cylinders

Flexible and Adpatable

stripping rig detailThe Hydraulic Stripping Rig is so adaptable that it can remove seized piston heads, glands, nuts - in fact anything that is threaded. This is especially useful when dealing with corroded marine equipment, or the large nylock nuts on mobile plant.