The Cylinder Service Centre offers a number of services on our site which range from the sale of spare parts to vehicle repairs while you wait.

Vehicle Repairs

The Cylinder Service Centre is dealer or supplier of parts and services for a number of leading brands including: Binotto, Edbro, Harsh, and Hyva. We also support lesser known brands and obsolete equipment from the likes of Maclift, Telehoist and Trio.

External Crane for Vehicle Repairs and Refits We have on site a dedicated service bay with a crane specifically designed for on-site service work covering things like:

  • repair and re-fitting of hydraulic cylinders
  • supply and fitting of wet-kits
  • installation and repair of sheeting system
  • repair and installation of PTO pumps
  • repair and re-fitting of tipping rams
  • installation of complete new bodies
  • LOLER inspections

Secure hard surface parking is available for both waiting and in the case of a need to leave the vehicle overnight.

More information can be found about vehicle servicing on our vehicle repair page.

Spare Parts & Off-the-Shelf Units

We have a Trade Counter* which for many of our customers acts as a shop where they can purchase things like hydraulic and pneumatic valves, or fittings.

We also sell hydraulic pumps from the Trade Counter which can be off-the-shelf, or modified to suit specific requirements.

We keep in stock a wide range of seal kits, bearings, hydraulic tools and hydraulic jacks and, again, these can be purchased, or collected at the Trade Counter.

We alos offer from the Trade Counter a 'While You Wait' hose manufacturing service where we provide bespoke hose, or hose assemblies, that you can pop in and pick up as required.

For more information, see the Trade Counter page.

*The Trade Counter is very much for trade and industrial customers only. We normally deal only with existing customers, or new customers who have established an account with us prior to any visit. It is not aimed at the general public buying on a cash basis. If you would like to establish a new account please get in touch before visiting.