Replacement cylinders for emergency failures or preventive maintenance

Replacement Cylinders

The Cylinder Service Centre supplies replacement cylinders for both planned, preventive maintenance purposes and for emergency breakdowns.

In either case, a stocked replacement hydraulic ram is an option and The Cylinder Service Centre also provides a managed store solution to accommodate both storage and testing requirements.  

Planned and Preventive Maintenance

For planned maintenance, or preventive maintenance, replacement cylinders can be specified well in advance of the requirement. This is the preferred way of undertaking a replacement is there is no unscheduled machinery down time involved. There is also time to fully evaluate the specification and look for opportunities for design improvements.

Replacement cylinders can be provided newly manufactured. Following the first replacement, it is also possible to repair, or re-furbish the replaced cylinder to be used as a future planned replacement, or emergency repair unit, as required.  We can provide advice on the feasibility of using old cylinders as repair options from both a technical and cost/benefit perspective.

Emergency Breakdowns

In even the most well planned maintenance regimes, unforeseen catastrophic breakdowns still do occur.  For this type of replacement, there are three options:

  1. a repair of the broken cylinder - if economically and technically feasible
  2. a manufactured, new cylinder to the same, or improved specification
  3. a hydraulic ram replacement from managed stores

Where high value units are concerned, then a cylinder repair or hydraulic ram refurbishment will almost always be preferred. However, the nature of a catastrophic failure is that it is catastrophic and so it is often the case that a repair will either not be technically feasible, or involve such a large amount of work that a repair makes no economic sense. In such cases, we supply replacement cylinders on an emergency basis.  

Replacement cylinders supplied on an emergency basis have severe time constraints put upon them. As such, it is often difficult to fully evaluate all of the design options to look for the type of design improvement opportunities we would normally apply to preventive maintenance type replacements. Like for like is the minimum requirement and The Cylinder Service Centre is set up to provide both cylinder repairs and replacements in as short a lead time as possible to minimise downtime losses.

Managed Storage Solutions

replacement hydraulic cylindersWhether it be for planned, or emergency maintenance purposes, it often makes sense to keep a certain amount of replacement cylinders or new hydraulic rams in stock.

This can create a whole new set of problems related to lack of use over time. 

It can make sense to have the cylinder fully pressurised while in storage, but that pressure may deteriorate during the storage period.

For cylinders stored un-filled, or un pressurised, they will need to be filled and pressurised before use and (in many cases) tested.

It is for these reasons that The Cylinder Service Centre also offers a managed storage solution for replacement cylinders.

We store the cylinders for you so that when a replacement is required, we can quickly, fill, pressurise, re-inspect and pressure test the unit before shipping. 

This provides you peace of mind and ensures safe operation of replacement cylinders.

Making sure the replacementy cylinder is stored and pressurised correctly before use can also extend unit's working life - saving money in the long term.

More Information

 If you are evaluating your planned, or preventive maintenance and would like to discuss options on unit specification and/or storage of replacement cylinders, then please get in touch for details and pricing.