On-site support for hydraulic repairs and cylinder maintenance throughout the North East

Mobile Maintenance Services

Within the local area of the North East of England our mobile maintenance services provide much needed additional on-site support.

mobile maintenance services vehicleFor the hard pressed maintenance manager our mobile team can be on site in a matter of hours to assist with a range of maintenance requirements.

Whether it be something as simple as hose repair or replacement, or more complex fitting of hydraulic units, our technical team is available to support you.

The following is the full range of on-site services available from our mobile unit.

Hose Repair and Replacement

The repair and replacement of hoses is not terribly expensive, but can end up costing a great deal if it takes too long.

Having the hose repaired or replaced on-site by our mobile unit makes sure the repair happens quickly and is right.

Instead of popping around the corner to get a new hose, why not invite us around to make a hose of the right specification at the right length on the spot?

Having our team fit the hose for you will ensure it is done right and free up much needed time for other maintenance tasks.

LOLER Testing

The Cylinder Service Centre can provide full on-site technical support for LOLER inspection and test.

Our service coverage in this area is extensive, and includes :

  • Hookloader: Hooklift testing, inspection & repair
  • Skiploader: testing, inspection & repair
  • Sheeting Systems: fitted and/or repaired; new nets/sheets supplied and fitted
  • Autolube systems: repaired, tested and fitted
  • Wet kits: Power Take Off (PTO), pumps, valves, steel pipework and tanks all supplied and fitted
  • Tipping gears: front end, underfloor and 3 way all supplied, or repaired and tested and fitted
  • Ejector Cylinders: supplied, or repaired and tested and fitted
  • Compactor rams: supplied, or repaired and tested and fitted
  • Hook replacement: supplied, or repaired and tested and welded or bolted
  • In line boring for hookloader or hooklift.
  • Main frame, Sub frames or hinges repaired and tested and fitted
  • Spec lifts: recovery truck repairs
  • Scissor Lifts

All repairs are subject to our fault diagnostic process before we begin. This enures we are working in the right area and can therefore evaluate in detail technical issues and associated costs.

All parts supplied and repaired have a full 12 month warranty which includes both parts and labour.

Inspection for Planned Maintenance

If you are implementing a new preventive maintenance schedule it is always worth taking some additional expert advice.

This is as true for revising existing routines as implementing new ones.

Even if you think you have all of the information you need from the original equipment manufacturer, an experienced on-site eye can often add a great deal of value.

This is especially true if some or all of your machinery is secondhand where maintenance records may be incomplete, or missing all together.

The Cylinder Service Centre mobile maintenance services unit brings our expertise on to your site to provide detailed advice based on observed operational needs.

This makes it much more likely to get the preventive maintenance right first time, further reducing the risk of unforseen breakdowns and additional associated costs.

Service Work

For general machine or commercial vehicle service work, our mobile team can provide expert on-site assistance and support to reduce pressure on staff and speed up breadown repair.

Removal and Re-fitting of Hydraulic Cylinders

The Cylinder Service Centre is a hydraulic specialist. If you have a hydraulic repair need, it is a good idea to have a specialist on-site if you can.

This is much more than an extra pair of hands as it means you have the expertise and backing of the whole of the Cylinder Service Centre on your site.

So, if you are facing a difficult hydraulic repair we can advise or assist in working out the fastest and most cost effective way to remove or replace the unit.

This saves time, means the unit is more likely be repairable when removed and saves on overall cost.

Equally, having new or repaired cylinders fitted by the experts ensures it is done correctly. This can extend the life of the unit which again saves money long term.

Thermic Lancing

For parcularly difficult removals, our mobile unit also includes equipment for thermic lancing or cutting.

If you would like to know more about our mobile maintenance services and how we can assist at your location with the services above - then please get in touch.