The Cylinder Service Centre undertakes the manufacture and repair of chromed rollers for a wide variety of applications.

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It is not always fully appreciated that the technical knowledge, skills and facilities we have in house for the manufacture and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders can be applied to the manufacture and repair of chromed rollers.

Typically chromed rollers are used for the transport of materials that are sensitive to surface handling such as paper, or cloth and so the need for a fine finish on the rollers is critical. Even small blemishes can ruin a batch of wallpaper, or dress fabric.

Hydraulic cylinders can be even more sensitive. Running under high pressure and under very tight tolerances, surface finish is of paramount importance.

From more than 20 years of technically challenging experience we understand the criticality of surface finish on the wide variety of chromed rollers that we manufacture and repair. These can run from the very small all the way up to 900mm in diameter and as long as 9000mm.

Repairs present special challenges and we use a range of processes to make the repairs according to each project's particular requirement.

For example, our metal spraying capability works well for worn stub shafts and we use a nickel/chrome micro welding machine to deal with the smaller dents.

Belt linishing is used for scores and scratches and for fine finishing with the linishing equipment built in house to accommodate the larger roller, or cylinder sizes - see  the large cylinder surface linishing page. This can be especially useful when surface finish is more important than straightness.

For straightening, or larger surface finish cuts we have grinding facilities to accommodate the maximum 900mm diameter x 9000mm length units.

For new units, or repairs alike, a full chroming facility is available allowing us to deliver the fine finish solution you are looking for all the way up to a super finish quality.

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If you would like to know more about our manufacture or repair of chromed rollers and how we might support you in any related project you may be working on, then please get in touch.