Surface linishing is a process widely used to produce a fine finish on metal, or plate components.

The large cylinder surface linishing we undertake is on the upper end of what is physically possible in the UK at present.

Large Cylinder Surface Linishing 1At its most basic level, this process involves a linishing belt passing back and forth over the metal surface until it has been cleaned up completely.

At The Cylinder Service Centre, we use surface linishing to polish cylindrical surfaces and in particular to finish a wide range of different hard chromed hydraulic rams.

As is so often case, this larger work that we undertake is so specialised that we simply cannot buy equipment - we have to make it ourselves.

This is the case with our belt linishing attachment for our large lathe which has been manufactured in house to our own exacting specifications.

The large lathe setup allows us to linish and polish out light scoring without a full grind and re-chrome on cylinders up to 1000mm in diameter and a full 9mtrs between centres.

This large cylinder surface linishing capability, at this level, is unique in the North of England and Scotland.

Surface linishing has advantages over grinding in that uneven surfaces can be finished with only a small amount of material removal.

The flexible nature of the linishing belt means it can move up and down over undulations in the surface.

This approach not only removes less material, it reduces the heat generated during this finishing process - therefore removing the need to use coolant and reducing cost.

Large Cylinder Surface Linishing 2
Large Cylinder Surface Linishing 3