Specialist checking of pressure vessels for physical strength and leaks

Hydrostatic Testing

About Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is used to test pressure vessels for overall physical strength and leaks. These tests are important to undertake, for both operational and safety reasons.

Leaks can lead to loss of pressure and operational failure, or loss of efficiency, but if the body of the unit is not strong enough to take the pressure, then loading it up is equivalent to priming an explosive device.

Testing and Checking

hydrostatic testing rigThe unit is piped up and filled with water, or hydraulic oil taking care to expel any retained gasses.

A suitable pump is engaged and the pressure raised in stages to at least the maximum operational pressure and locked in.

Usually it would be tested beyond the maximum working pressure to a level agreed with the customer, or demanded by legislation, to ensure there is sufficient operational headroom in the system.

The integrity of the unit is fully assessed while under pressure and any pressure decay monitored and recorded.

As part of our service we can offer:

  • In house manufacture of holding jigs and test flange
  • F.E.A. analysis of stress
  • Internal examination by means of a bore scope camera
  • Pressure testing in excess of 1400 bar
  • NDT examination of welds
  • Shot blasting and painting.
  • Repairs to faulty or damaged vessels
  • Re-certification


hydrostatic testing unitsFor all new hydraulic units, pressure testing is undertaken by The Cylinder Service Centre to check the integrity of barrels, pipes and seals. This is also true of any repairs we undertake as any repair has to be treated as an effective new unit.

What is often ignored by unit owners is the need for periodic hydrostatic testing for operational units as part of a preventive maintenance routine. This is not just for the prevention of operational failure as might be expected in normal maintenance routines, but a vital safety measure to ensure the risk of a catastrophic explosive failure is minimised.

The Cylinder Service Centre offers hydrostatic testing as a service in its own right.

So whether your hydraulic unit has been manufactured or repaired by us, or not, this service is still available.

Capability & Case Studies

The Cylinder Service takes the quality assurance and safety of our manufactured units or repairs very seriously. So seriously that, in conjunction with the UK Health and Safety Executive, we have designed and manufactured our own in house testing units.

We have manufactured testing rigs with capability restrain over 1500 tonnes force allowing us to cope with the most heavy duty and demanding of hydrostatic testing requirements.

You can find out more here about a heavy duty case study of hydrostatic testing.

You can find out more here about our pressure testing equipment.


 If you would like to know more about our hydrostatic testing capability and how we can support your particular requirements - then please get in touch