A specialist hydraulic engineering business fully equipped in-house

Hydraulic Engineering

The Cylinder Service Centre is a specialist in hydraulic engineering and this covers the vast majority of work we undertake. However, we also work with pneumatic engineering and even though the overall demand is substantially less, many of the technological skills required for hydraulic engineering are also applicable to pneumatic engineering. 

Hydraulic Engineering RefurbishNeither type of cylinder can be manufactured well by ignoring the underlying technology and we have a deep understanding of both hydraulic and pneumatic technology.

We have built up a particular expertise in hydraulic engineering that is drawn from experience over many years and a very wide range of applications and industries.  This knowldege runs from initial and concepetual design for a new hydraulic ram through to production and installation.

The Cylinder Service Centre carries out hydraulic ram repairs as well as manufacturing new hydraulic rams and cylinders and it is often the case that, by seeing components and assemblies at their worst, you learn to understand them best. We see what most commonly fails and under what conditions. We therefore understand their performance limitations and how to extend those limitations. This information is fed back into our unique OCHRE design system extending our knowledge base and improving future designs where performance demands and operational conditions are similar.   

We are not superhuman of course, we cannot change the properties of metals. Physical limitations can be extended, but not infinitely. However, by working closely with our customers and discussing in detail their requirements we have built a huge hydraulic engineering knowledge base that is growing constantly and is continually employed in our design processes to push at the boundaries of known physical limitations.

Hydraulic Engineering RepairBy working with our customers over an extended period of time we do see our repairs, or manufactured parts return to us. Not because they have failed prematurely, but because they have fulfilled their projected working life. This provides detailed lifecycle knowledge, which is also fed back into our design system.

Hydraulic engineering is not fixed and as new innovations come to light in materials, fluids, coatings and their combinations, keeping abreast of technology can be challenging. What is special about the Cylinder Service Centre is that many of those innovations are our own and we have designed our own system to keep track of all new innovations as they come to light.

This combination of knowledge and process is genuinely unique and means that the specliast quality of the hydraulic and pneumatic engineering services supplied by The Cylinder Service Centre can really be found nowhere else.

If you would like to know more about our hydraulic engineering work and how we might support you in any related project you may be working on, then please get in touch.