Off-the shelf parts supply and more


Sales at the The Cylinder Service Centre are split into 2 broad categories:

  1. specialised repair, or manufacturing
  2. off-the-shelf  parts, or components

Specialised Repair or Manufacturing

At Cylinder Service Centre we take a consultative approach to our sales as pretty much every job we receive is different. Although there are some common repair and manufacturing issues we see regularly, we like to work through the problem or requirements with our customers - whether that be a bespoke design and manufacturing job, or a repair. 

Often a job that looks like a repair will require a replacement, or what the customer thinks can only be replaced can, in fact, be repaired with our specialist equipment and wealth of in-house expertise.   

For a complex repair, a common approach is to agree a rate to investigate the part to see what can be achieved and this approach often saves money when a repair can be made when a replacement was expected.

For bespoke manufacture, the price of the job is easier to predict as most things are under our control. However, when an unusual performance output is required, we often break the job down into phases so that results from design stress testing, or even physical tests, can be taken into account when approaching the final build.

In all instances we do not like to spring surprises on our customers and we like to be clear about the work required to achieve specific objectives and what the associated costs will be.  

Off-the-shelf Parts or Components

The Cylinder Service Centre sells a full range of individual products, components and accessories that compliment our main hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing and refurbishment work.

Sales Counter

We do keep a stock of products, components and accessories that have been manufactured in-house in addition to other parts that support our various dealership and service partnerships.

For parts that we do not have in stock, we have an extensive supply network and can usually source competitively priced parts at short notice if required. 

We can also manufacture small assemblies 'while you wait', a good example being hose assemblies.

For more information about our in-house, off-the-shelf parts and assemblies, see the trade counter page.

For more information about our standard parts and assemblies see the dealerships page.