With an in-house computer aided design and drafting (CADD) facility we can handle all requirements from concept to construction. Call or contact us now for a no obligation quotation on your hydraulic cylinder manufacturing requirements.

Developing the Concept

When designing a new cylinder we can usually specify it quickly using our extensive knowledge base built up over almost 25 years in business.

For more specialised applications and requirements we extend this by using a virtual testing capability on our CADD system.

This means that the cost of development is significantly reduced as is the lead time from order to shipment.

You will also be able to assess cost against performance options so that you can make an informed choice about the final hydraulic cylinder specification.

The bottom line is the speed of this process and how quickly we can move to manufacture.

Design to Manufacture

The Cylinder Service Centre knows how important speed of delivery is to our customers.

This is why we have developed our own in-house quotation to bill of material system to shorten the path to manufacture.

In practice it means that, as we are drawing up our quotation, we are already, automatically, drawing up a bill of materials.

This system forms part of a number of ISO 9000 certified processes so you know it has been independently verified by a qualified authority.

Because we have this system, when you decide to press the go button, we are already prepared to start to manufacture the cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacture

We have a highly experienced workforce of over 40 people - mostly time served engineers.

All of the production equipment we need we have ready in-house in our 30,000 ft2 manufacturing facility.

Combined, this gives us the hydraulic cylinder manufacturing capability to produce cylinders with a highly extensive range.

From units the size of your hand, to cylinders that have to be shipped using escorted low loaders - all are manufactured in house.

Capacity Highlights

large cylinder lineshing
  • Centre lathe turning up to 1,000mm swing to 9,000mm
  • Hollow spindle Centre lathe turning up to 250mm swing to 14,000mm
  • CNC Hollow spindle Centre lathe turning up to 800mm swing to 6,000mm
  • Deep hole boring 760mm x 6,000mm
  • Honing 800mm x 7,000mm stroke
  • Purpose built stripping rig delivering 203,373Nm of force
  • Horizontal & Vertical boring
  • Lifting capacity 26 tons
  • In house shot blasting and painting
  • DNV certified coded welding
  • Pressure Testing up to 20,000 psi
  • Hydraulic horizontal press up to 350 tons
  • Metal spraying and grinding
  • Hydraulic assembly benches up to 16mtrs
  • In-house level 2 N.D.T. inspection
  • 13mtr fully equipped vehicle inspection pit

Getting Started

There is no charge and no obligation if you want advice on a new cylinder, or a new cylinder design.

As specialist hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, you can expect top quality advice, design, production and delivery from the Cylinder Service Centre.

Call or contact us now for a no obligation quotation on your hydraulic cylinder manufacture requirements.