Hydraulic cylinder manufacture is our core specialism

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacture

Hydraulic cylinder manufacture is a key specialism of the Cylinder Service Centre.

With extensive specialised manufacturing facilities together with an engineering design and computer aided design department, The Cylinder Service Centre delivers a full end-to-end hydraulic cylinder manufacture service.

This means we can manufacture specialist hydraulic cylinders as:

  • a new build one-off project
  • a small batch run
  • a manufactured replacement
  • an engineering upgrade

If you have an immediate hydraulic cylinder manufacture requirement, please get in touch for a no obligation quotation or consultation.

New Hydraulic Cylinder as a One-off Project

bespoke new hydraulic cylinder manufactureWe manufacture cylinders from sizes that pretty much fill the length of the factory floor, to small light engineering assemblies. Just about every combination of hydraulic cylinder you care to think of has passed through our doors at one time or another.

This means we have a vast depth and range of experience of hydraulic cylinder manufacture and repair. We put this experience to good use in the design and manufacture of one-off, new hydraulic cylinders.

Having this experience and knowledge also means we can add value during the whole cylinder manufacturing process.

Even if we are building a design from another source, you can expect input and comment from us as we pull together the project.

A Small Batch Run

Manufacture of Short Batch Run of Hydraulic CylindersWe manufacture both hydraulic cylinder assemblies and parts in short batch runs. These may be for new machines, major re-fits, or just for maintenance stock.

As you might expect, hydraulic cylinder manufacture in batches reduces the unit cost of each assembly.

So purchasing assemblies, or parts in this way can make a great deal of financial sense in the medium to long term.

A New Manufactured Cylinder Replacement

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair InspectionThe Cylinder Service Centre does undertake cylinder repairs, but sadly some cylinders cannot be saved. In this case the only option is to completely replace the cylinder.

This scenario is often a blessing in disguise as the unit being replaced may not have been specified for the specific purpose it was being used for. It is often the case that a general purpose application does not meet the requirements for its actual end use. 

If this is the case, when we specify the new build we can work with you to design and  manufacture a new hydraulic cylinder to the right specification. One that is more suited to its acutual use and so better than the one being replaced.

A better specified cylinder will operate over an extended maintenance period. This means that any addtional cost associated with an increased specification can be recovered over time. That is, over the life of the new cylinder the overall cost through lost activity/production and future repairs is reduced.

An Engineering Upgrade

As with the manufactured cylinder replacement above, it is often the case that the customer recognises the limitations of certain equipment before it even fails.

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Engineering UpgradeThis may be because they know they are placing unreasonable demands on a machine, or perhaps modern predictive maintenance techniques have highlighted weakness in the hydraulic cylinder area.

In such a case customers come to The Cylinder Service Centre for our specialist hydraulic cylinder manufacture and support in designing and building a more robust replacement even if the current unit is still functioning well.

Our specialist hydraulic testing rig is there to back up this type of design and build so that we can work with you to design a new unit and demonstrate its capability by testing it under the extreme conditions envisaged.

If you have an immediate hydraulic cylinder manufacture requirement, please get in touch for a no obligation quotation or consultation. 

If you would like more information on how our hydraulic cylinder manufacture can support your business then please get in touch for a no obligation free initial consultation.