Hydraulic cylinder design services are provided by our in-house specialist engineering team

Hydraulic Cylinder Design

Hydraulic cylinder design is built in to our normal cylinder manufacturing and repair services.

We aim to supply the best possible cylinder solutions to our customers even if the original design came from somewhere else.

Our design engineers detail fully the requirements of the hydraulic cylinder to be manufactured. We then carry out 3D modelling and conduct assembly and stress testing on the design.

This approach means we can fully examine the suitability of cylinder parts and assemblies before they are manufactured.

The design process is carefully structured from start to finish. This ensures we supply valid and robust hydraulic engineering solutions in as short a time as possible.

How this is structured further detailed in our OCHRE Design process.

It is this integrated approach to hydraulic cylinder design which makes our cylinder designs both robust and cost effective.

In-house Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Cylinder design : CSC TETHERING CLAMP - GA - R2Our in-house computer aided drafting and design (CADD) work is just one part of a truly unique process.

Our data capture and configuration procedure at the start allows us to quickly and accurately turn around initial specifications and associated pricing. 

This has proven to be a huge help to our customers when making repair, or replace decisions. Especially where production is stopped or impeded by machinery breakdown

Designed for Manufacture

Cylinder design : Knockout RamOur manufacturing and design teams work hand in hand to ensure that designed solutions are easy to build and easy to maintain.

The OCHRE Design process reaches out into production by making it much easier and quicker to output production documentation.

We also take care when designing to evaluate how cylinders will be manufactured and repaired. This brings two key customer benefits: speed and cost. 

The hydraulic cylinder manufacturing process is speeded up and the associated cost savings go back into the final pricing of the hydraulic unit. 

Specialist Hydraulic Engineering Expertise

Of course it is no use having a highly function CADD system, or automated process, without expert input. 

It is the wealth of experience and expertise on cylinder design and performance that makes our design services so effective. 

That expertise has allowed us to create a very streamlined cylinder design process. It also comes into play in every design when we look beyond the initial specification to the application and the associated physical demands.

Our in-depth expertise comes from both engineering qualifications and from long years of experience of cylinder repair and manufacture. 

We know very well from experience what works and what doesn't work. We also know what difficulties can be thrown up at a later date by a bad design decision. This is as true of maintenance as it is of overall performance. 

From our repair work especially, we know the consequences of bad decisions in original specification and in design. These can mean a more frequent need to repair hydraulic units and the associated costs of machine damage and down time. 

Hydraulic Cylinder Design Testing

The Cylinder Service Centre operates its own unique and internally designed high pressure testing rig. However, the software we use to develop our designs also allows us to pre-test before we have even built the unit.

Designs can be run through a range of operational scenarios to develop the optimum end design which is the most robust we can achieve given the cost and space constraints we have to work with. 

This means that when physical testing takes place we are not testing the design, but the final integrity of the parts and assembly.

Working With Customer Designs

Not everything is designed from scratch. If customers have an existing design to send us, we can check that design from both an engineering and build perspective.

We can then provide appropriate advice on where adjustments could be made to improve performance, or assembly life.

Whether you are starting with a sketch, an initial CADD design, or just a rough idea, Cylinder Service Centre can provide a hydraulic cylinder design service to suit your requirements. 

You can tell us about your requirements on the New Special Cylinder Design Form.