Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack #1The Cylinder Service Centre, designs build and maintains diesel power packs for a diverse range of industrial applications including the offshore oil and gas industry.

Typically we work to detailed customer specifications, but we also provide initial pre-design consultancy support to assist with either the specification as a whole, or else some of the finer technical details relating to the design.

Design and specifications always include provisions for comprehensive unit testing before shipping.   

Diesel powered power packs always carry with them fire hazards.

This means we often have to fit specialised safely equipment depending upon the operational working environment.

For example, valves can be fitted to ensure that the intake air supply is automatically shut down if engine overspeed occurs.

To give a more practical idea of typical build, the following is a common specification for a 10.5 H.P. AIR COOLED DIESEL HYDRAULIC POWER PACK.

The unit delivers 14 Ltrs/per min - 4 cc/per rev. The working pressure is 300 Bar.

The power pack comes complete with:-Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack #2

  • 10.5HP air cooled diesel engine with rope recoil start
  • aluminium gear pump with cast iron ends for greater pressure
  • 2 port manual directional lever control valve with built-in relief valve
  • A&B blocked P-T in neutral position - spring centred, fitted with two 3/8 flat face quick release couplings
  • 63mm pressure gauge with gauge isolator valve
  • suction and in-line filtration
  • plastic tank top filler/breather
  • level/temp sight glass, 30 Litre steel reservoir

This Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack Unit comes built onto a robust steel frame which is portable.

All units are fully pre-tested and all pressure and all relief valves set ready to use.

For more information, see also the Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack Case Study.