The Cylinder Service Centre is a hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing specialist. We produce a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, parts and assemblies.


Quality First

Our dedicated in-house production facilities and highly skilled team work to the ISO 9001 quality management system standard. You therefore have assurance that all manufactured cylinder units and parts are consistently produced to the highest quality standard.

In-House Design

The Cylinder Service Centre has an in-house design service and a highly specialised cylinder production facility. This means we are a one-stop shop for all of your hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, or pneumatic cylinder manufacturing requirements.

Sample Cylinder AssembliesWe design new Cylinders from scratch, which means that special designs, or one-offs, can be accommodated easily.

You can tell us about your requirements on the New Cylinder Special Design form.

In recent years we have invested in the development of a bespoke design package to work in conjunction with the latest Autodesk Inventor software.

This package allows us to automatically cross checks the cylinder models we create with D.N.V. design standards. We can then go on to produce a full calculation package which outputs all of the technical documentation required for modern engineering projects.

For more information on this see our OCHRE Design System page.

Advanced Testing Facilities

Once the manufactured cylinders have been finally assembled they are always fully tested.

Our design service includes establishing testing requirements in the overall unit specifications. This includes accommodating any specialised customer requirements.

Our testing equipment is state-of-the-art and has been designed and built in-house. Design and build has been made in full consultation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This gives the Cylinder Service Centre a unique testing advantage when manufacturing cylinders.

Power Pack Manufacture

We also manufacture the cylinders for electrical, diesel and petrol driven driven power packs and components. Both diesel and petrol power packs are manufactured to order.

This provides a high degree of flexibility when working with your requirements.

Hydraulic Jacks & Pumps

We also design and manufacture custom made hydraulic jacks and pumps.

As with all of our cylinders, all jacks are fully tested on completion against perfomance, safety and customer specifications.

If you would like to know more about how The Cylinder Service Centre can assist with your cylinder manufacturing (hydraulic or pneumatic), why not get in touch now for a no obligation free consultation, or use the New Cylinder Special Design Form or Powerpack Design Form.