A guide to technical terms used in cylinder technical specifications

Selective Electroplating

Selective electroplating is a method of plating a specific material onto a specific surface area without having to plate the entire part. This can be undertaken without the the use of immersion tanks or baths.  Selective electroplating can be employed with common plating materials such as chrome, nickel, cobalt, copper, gold, silver, and tin.

This process is generally used for repairs to worn parts, or machining errors. However, selective electroplating can also be used to apply plating materials for surface modifications to suit specific technical and engineering specifications.

Other potential uses include:

  • In the bearing industry to eliminate plating build on certain surfaces
  • In complex geometries as a mask to improve overall coating coverage
  • Masking of external threads on heaving general coatings to prevent unwanted deposits
  • Masking of blind holes to prevent unwanted staining or adhesion issues with a general coating
  • Masking of selected area on assemblies prior to a more general coating


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