A guide to technical terms used in cylinder technical specifications

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Coatings (H.V.O.F.)

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, or HVOF, coating is a high-velocity spraying process, operated at a low-temperature, which is used to produce metallic and hard facing coatings.

In these processes, the kinetic energy of the coating particles is more important than temperature. It is the high-impact energy that is used to produce dense final coatings. This means the process can be undertaken at relatively low temperatures.

Cleaning and surface preparation are critical to ensure a good finish. A well-equipped workshop, such as the one at the Cylinder Service Centre, is therefore very important.
A range of different types of HVOF spraying are available, with variants based on the fuel used to create the jet and whether it is applied in compressd air, or oxygen.


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