A guide to technical terms used in cylinder technical specifications

Cylinder Design

Cylinder design can be applied to both cylinder manufacture and cylinder repair.

In the case of manufacture for a new application, the cylinder will need to be designed from scratch to meet the load and performance specifications required in normal operation.

Conventional approaches to new cylinder design can be quite time taking. Even modern computerised design can be quite time taking when considering the performance needs of the unit and testing out different approaches to find the optimum configuration.

The Cylinder Service Centre approach to cylinder design is specifically intended to both cut down lead time and improve performance and unit life by using a knowledge base developed over many years of design and testing experience. This knowledge base, fully integrated with our state-of-the-art CAD and stress analysis software, forms our OCHRE Design System, a unique approach to cylinder design available only from the Cylinder Service Centre.

The OCHRE System can be applied to both hydraulic cylinder manufacture and cylinder repair making it effective in both of these areas of our business in cutting lead time and cutting both manufacturing and repair cost. It also means that, in many cases, cylinder replacements, or repairs, can actually be significant improvements on the original units.


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