A guide to technical terms used in cylinder technical specifications

Ceramic Coating Of Piston Rods

For optimum performance of a hydraulic cylinder, the total tribological system (the piston seal surface, lubricant, and seal) must be in balance to suit the final end-use/application.

Ceramic coatings have improved resistance to pitting corrosion compared to metallic coatings and are very good for petroleum and chemical applications.

On steel, or iron substrates ceramic coatings are also used extensively in the printing, paper and pulp industries.

In the vast majority of ceramic coatings, a metallic bond coat is used to prevent corrosion of the substrate, provide increased adhesion, and increase the allowable mechanical deflection of the coated component.

Ceramic coatings can have a higher friction force at low speeds, but perform better (in friction terms) as speed increases.


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