The Cylinder Service Centre designs, manufacturers and repairs a wide range of hydraulic cylinder types and sizes.

We cover all industrial sectors as pretty much every business that uses machines that involve hydraulics will need our services sooner or later.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinders come in range of configurations the main ones being:

  • Single-Acting Cylinder
  • Double-Acting Cylinder
  • Nondifferential Cylinder
  • Telescoping, Ram-type, Actuating Cylinder
  • Balanced, Double-acting, Piston-type Cylinder
  • Cushioned Cylinder
  • Single Acting, Spring Loaded

You can find a more detailed explanation of each one of these on our hydraulic cylinder types page.

We design, manufacture or repair each one of these types and have extensive in-house experience of dealing with them all.

Hydraulic Cylinder Sizes

We are very proud of the fact that we do not generally set size limits on the type of work we undertake.

small hydraulic ramsHydraulic cylinders come in all sizes and we can manufacture cylinders or repair cylinders that cover the full range. From a unit that sits in the palm of your hand to one that needs a police escort to transport, our faclities and experience allows us to deal with them all.

When we moved to the current premises in 2008 we were not just looking for a larger premises to operate in, but one that could accommodate the very large hydraulic cylinders we were becoming known for.

The factory was purpose built from scratch to handle very large cylinders and has been hugely successful for the business. The lifting capacity of our overhead crane is 26 tons which gives some indication of the size of some of the units we handle.

Another indicator is our centre lathe turning up to 1,000mm swing to 9,000mm or our deep hole boring capacity of 760mm x 6,000mm.

Beyond The Envelope

Our capacity allows us to not only repair or manufacture very large cylinders for production machines, it also means we can explore boundaries for new types of machine.

For example, we recently constructed some very large cylinders for a wave energy prototype being tested and deployed in the Outer Hebrides.

very large hydraulic cylinders

For such a project our customers come to us for our design expertise as well as our production capabilies.

When something has never been done before, you need to know where the known boundaries are before you step outside of them.

Designing for Success

If the hydraulic cylinder is new or even a replacement, it is useful to know the performance limits before any metal is cut.

This is why we have a full cylinder design capability in house which goes well beyond just a CAD system.

It incorporates a codified knowledge base built up over a quarter of a century of varied and demanding experience.

If this sounds a bit like artificial intelligence, it isn't. It is real intelligence which is fed into the design process to increase significantly the performance of the end product.

Beyond Repair

Often we are sent hydraulic cylinders for repair that have been deemed beyond repair by another business.

Having a purpose built stripping rig delivering 203,373Nm of force means we can often dismantle these beyond repair cylinders.

Metal spraying and boring and honing in house means we have a full suite of capabilities in-house to turn around quickly even the most challenging cylinder repair.