The Cylinder Service Centre is a hydraulic cylinder engineers centred business

The Hydraulic Cylinder Engineer

If you are looking for a hydraulic cylinder engineer, then you need look no further than the Cylinder Service Centre.

Hydraulic cylinder engineering is the core of our business and represents the vast majority of work we undertake.

So if you have a hydraulic cylinder engineering challenge, please get in touch we are sure we can help you.

Highly Skilled Engineering Team 

The Cylinder Service Centre is made up of a team of highly skilled individuals who are time served machinists and fitters. 

hydraulic cylinder engineerOur engineers all have many years of experience of hydraulic engineering across a wide range of sizes, types and applications. 

We continue to recruit and train new talent to add to this highly knowledgeable team.

Our location in the North East of England is a region with a long history of engineering in the ship industry, mining industry and their associated supply chains. 

Our typical engineer therefore comes from mining, or ship building and has served a full five year apprenticeship in either machining, fitting or a combination of the two. 

This means we have the right team available to deal with most hydraulic cylinder repair or manufacturing challenges. 

Engineering Knowledge 

With the vast majority of our team there has been no choice but to gain a wide range of engineering experience. 

The decline of ship building and mining in the North East of England was followed by the growth of the automotive industry. 

This has meant that a typical member of our team has had a number of jobs before settling at The Cylinder Service Centre and has brought with him a wealth of genuinely varied and in-depth engineering experience and knowledge.

This knowledge and experience is vital to make sure we can understand and turn around complex projects.

Making the Right Long Term Choice 

When employing a new hydraulic cylinder engineer we always look for someone who can bring in at least one extra skill set. 

This enhances the overall capabilities and knowledge within the team. It also gives each engineer opportunities to develop their skill set as they can learn from each other.

That experience continues to be built upon at The Cylinder Service Centre throughout the employment of each member of our team.

Our average engineer has been with us for more than 5 years and many engineers much more than that. 

The Cylinder Service Centre prides itself on NOT having a high turnover of staff. 

It is widely appreciated within the team that the nature of our work is both challenging and varied.

The huge variety of work that we undertake from hydraulic ram manufacture to a wide range of hydraulic ram refurbishment and repairs stretches everyone. 

Using The Cylinder Service Centre as a long term maintenance partner means we can develop our understanding of your own specialised applications.  

A Growing Team 

Over the years our team has expanded steadily in line with the growth of the business.

The business continues to develop and expand into new areas.

It is clear that the challenges will continue to develop for The Cylinder Service Centre hydraulic cylinder engineer.

If we can help you with your own hydraulic cylinder engineering challenges, then please get in touch.

If you would like to join the Cylinder Service Centre team, please see the vacancies section for current opportunities.