Facilities and capacity of The Cylinder Service Centre

Facilities and Capacity

Cylinder Service Centre operates in a 30,000 ft2 (2,787 m2) factory designed and built for the specialist needs associated with hydraulic cylinder manufacture and repair.

Extended Storage Facility

The facility has been extended twice since originally built in 2011 and now has additional storage space in addition to the manufacturing and repair areas.

Factory overview with extension to the leftThis additional facility is dedicated to the storage of customer owned cylinders allocated for future planned or breakdown maintenance.

Having these cylinders stored on The Cylinder Service Centre's premises means that they can be quickly fully inspected and tested before being shipped out as replacements.

This approach ensures stored units will be fully functional when fitted and saves time and cost on emergency breakdowns especially. 

Advanced Manufacture and Repair

Within the factory there is a range of unique, purpose built, equipment including a 350 ton horizontal press. This press is used for hydraulic load testing as well as for the removal and re-fitting components.

Worth mentioning on its own, is our famous hydraulic stripping rig capable of un-screwing parts up to 13 meters long with up to 150,000 ft/lb of torque. This is a truly unique piece of equipment, designed and built in-house to deal with the wide range of complex and difficult repairs the company is known for. The hydraulic stripping allows us to repair hydraulic units that, without the stripping rig, would be written off as 100% scrap. 

Four overhead cranes, capable of lifting up to 26 tons, operate within the production unit making it easy to move heavy loads around and deal with larger repair jobs.

In-house Testing Rig 

For testing, we have an internally designed, state-of-the-art ,13 metre, fully enclosed, pressure testing rig for completed work.

It has an opposing ram, interchangeable fluids tanks and a built-in intensifier capable of producing 1400 Bar.

This rig has now been fully computerised to produce digital test data and graphs.

This rig was again internally designed and built and the specification fine tuned with the assistance of the UK Health and Safety Executive.  

Large Machining Capacity

Large machining capacityWe posses some of the largest machining capacity in the north of England with lathes up to 8000mm centres and a thru capacity of 14000mm. This facility, combined with other equipment, gives us the capability of machining almost anything 'in-house'.

In summary, our in-house machining capacity covers:

  • horizontal boring
  • vertical boring
  • milling
  • CNC turning
  • slotting
  • shaping
  • cylindrical grinding
  • surface grinding

Two full size factory loading bays provide the flexibility of handling the receipt of raw materials and hydraulic equipment for repair whilst simultaneously dispatching completed orders. We also have an additional loading and maintenance bay specifically dedicated to vehicle repair.

Within the Cylinder Service Centre production facility we have the capability for shot blasting hydraulic cylinders up to 20 meters long. Together with an in-house painting and surface preparation, this means we can offer a full repair facility covering a very wide range of requirements.

Cylinder Service Centre also has a number of quality certifications including ISO9000 and so can supply full quality (DNV) certification on all works.  

While your manufacturing job or repair work is on site, 24 hr security coverage ensures work in progress, stored completed work and the facility overall are reassuringly secure.  

Easy Access

Situated near the A1 at Washington, The Cylinder Service Centre is ideally placed to service the North of England by road.

We also ship by road, rail and air to customers throughout the UK and beyond and the business is also close to Newcastle Airport and sea ports at South Tyneside, Sunderland and Teesside.

Externally, the production facility has a two acre, hard surfaced, compound with a covered and illuminated external working area.

This is ideal for loading, unloading and handling some of the larger repairs we have become known for. 

It also provides ample parking facilities to support vehicle repairs, re-fits or enhancements. 

The above is just a summary of our facilities and capacity. If you would like to know more, or have a specific question with respect to a specific job, or project, then please get in touch